Consul Conference 2025: Gran Canaria


The Consul Democracy Foundation in collaboration with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria organises the next ConsulCon on 4-6 February 2025 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The conference celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the open source project Consul Democracy and brings the project back to where it all started, Spain.

From 2015 onwards the Consul Democracy citizen participation platform has spread across the globe to countries as diverse as Brasil, Mexico, Scotland, Germany, Romania and, more recently, Somalia and the Maldives.

The ConsulCon2025 in Gran Canaria will be a moment to reflect and take stock, but most of all a moment to connect an ever-developing community, exchange views and knowledge, and take a collective look forward into the near future.

So please save the date for an awesome three-day event on Consul Democracy, participatory democracy, open source technology and more! Expect demo runs, workshops on devising participation  processes, sessions about open source technology and keynotes about the  democratic potential of it all.
When: 4 February 15:00 – 6 February 20:00 2025
Alfredo Kraus Auditorium / Infecar Feria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria
Programme: more information will follow soon!
Tickets: Tickets for the three-day event are 100 euros. For small organizations with limited resources we make exceptions and have available a donation-based ticket.

What we’ll do

ConsulCon25 brings together experts and practitioners in the field of (digital) citizen participation to exchange experiences, discuss best practices, and explore new developments in the field. The conference will gather platform users and partners from various cities and regions to explore the opportunities and challenges of digital forms of democratic decision-making in general.

We will ask questions like: what can we learn from current and former citizen participation use cases? What best practices exist, both on the technology side as on the government administration side? But also: How can we create better open source software collaboratively and how do we make Consul Democracy a genuine collective project? And: what are the ways in which Consul and its users may counter current global authoritarian trends?

Call for proposals

For the ConsulCon25 we are calling on our community and networks to cocreate the conference programme. We cordially invite government officials, civil society organizations, open source developer teams and other related stakeholders of the Consul Democracy project to propose a session in one of the following categories:

  • Dem talk (1 hour)
  • Tech talk (1 hour)
  • Panel exchange (1,5 hour)
  • Workshop (1,5 hour)

During the conference we have room for 6 panel exchanges and workshop and 6 lightning and tech talks. We appreciate event formats of a participatory nature.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 20 September 2024.

Examples of topics and themes we are interested in:

  • A workshop on how to devise a process of citizen participation
  • A panel exchange about participatory democracy case studies
  • A lighting talk about (recent) histories of direct/participatory democracy
  • A tech talk about (the importance of) open source technology
  • A lightning talk about the challenge of digital inclusiveness
  • A panel exchange on the democratic potential of digital democratic tools
  • A tech talk about new relevant advances in technology for citizen participation platforms such as AI

How to send in your proposal

Please fill in the form below.