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The open source CONSUL DEMOCRACY software is free to use and modify.

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The CONSUL DEMOCRACY software is and has been used by more than 300 cities and organizations all over the world.

München, Germany
Aarhus, Denmark
Madrid, Spain
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Groningen, Netherlands
Medvode, Slovenia
León, Mexico
Garowe, Somalia
Glasgow, Scotland
Tenerife, Spain

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Get started right away with the installation and implementation of your own CONSUL DEMOCRACY-based participation platform.


We work closely with different tech and network partners. Some of them have been there at the very beginning, some of them are new. Together we make the project better every day. 

We are always open to new collaborations, both when it comes to our pool of trusted Certified Companies as well as our Local Partners who actively spread CONSUL DEMOCRACY in their country or region and assist users.


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