• What does great citizen participation look like?

    One question, various answers. We were thrilled to explore some of these at the Smart Country Convention 2023 with gov and non-gov organizations from across Germany. 🌆 In North-Germany an interesting example is to be found in the city of Hansestadt Lübeck, which is on a potentially transformative path towards becoming the first German ‘Social…

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  • Getting Civic Tech Right For Democracy conference

    Intense discussions and new connections at the Getting Civic Tech Right For Democracy conference at the OECD – OCDE in Paris yesterday. 💡 How could technology be used for the empowerment of citizens? Great to see 150 people from civil society, science and governments from all around the world try to wrap their heads around…

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  • Community Meet-up 24 January 2024

    If you are here looking for the event link because you did not receive an agenda invite and a meeting link, here it is: We have an invitation for everyone interested in digital democracy! On 24 January we are hosting our first online Community Meet-up. Join us! You can look forward to: Learning a…

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