Next Community Meet-up: 24 April!

This time in our Community Meet-up series: lessons from Consul use in Slovenia.

The next Consul Democracy Community Meet-up will take place on 24 April. We are happy to announce that for this Meet-up we are working together with our Local Partner organization Danes Je Nov Dan. Consul implementation specialist Maja Cimerman will be with us for a presentation and a Q&A.

Maja and her team at Danes Je Nov Dan have implemented different features of our software in several municipalities, including Medvode, Maribor and Hrpelje-Kozina.  She also guided the government administrators while setting up and learning from the participative processes.

Maja will talk about the use of Consul in these cities from a practical perspective, introduce common challenges and important learnings. After a 20-minute presentation there will be plenty of time for questions.anes Je Nov Dan in Slovenia.

You can look forward to:

  • Learning a great deal about several cycles of citizen participation in different cities in Slovenia.
  • Zooming in on the actual use of the Consul Democracy platform by local administrators in Medvode and how they deal with challenges
  • Meeting citizen participation leaders, developers and other Consul Democracy users from around the world.
  • Having much time to ask questions, so come prepared 😉

If you want to attend, please RSVP to [email protected] to receive info and a meeting link.

2404_meet-up slovenia

About the Community Meet-ups

These meetups are meant as informal and online get-together where we address questions such as: How does citizen participation that is running on Consul Democracy look like in different parts of the world? What common obstacles are there? How can cities learn from each other when it comes to implementing and running a meaningful participation project that is engaging, reliable and transparent?